1. Damien

    Wow! That seems like a real pain. I’m thinking how would I manage to mark assignments from a large class of 25-30 students using this process. It certainly doesn’t seem to make life easier for the student or the teacher.

    Having used Edmodo quite a bit it looks to me like it is more suited to PC where users have access their file system and can upload directly from their hard drive.

    Thanks for warning!

  2. Paul

    Call me old school but I still think there is a great value in having a student turn in a piece of paper, a tangible sign of their work and accomplishment as well as the handwritten notes from a teacher. When conferencing with a student it’s more personal when we are sitting over a notebook or piece of binder paper than it is with two of us staring at a screen.

  3. Hi there, side question: what app was shown above where the students could write on the .pdf of the assignment? I’m looking for an app where I can edit .pdfs like that. Thanks!

    • Thanks for commenting.

      I agree with you, but bear in mind this post was written to emphasise quite how ludicrously difficult this process is. At the time of writing Google Drive was still almost completely unusable as a workflow solution. Since then it has got marginally better…

      Out of interest, do you make use of Google Drive to mark and return students work too? For documents created in Google Drive or those created in other formats?

      • For shorter pieces of work, my comments go in the reply section of Edmodo. If it’s longer, I read it in the Shared With Me section of Google Drive and comment on the paper directly.

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